Tuesday, September 13, 2005

raise your hand if you understand this

one of my personal goals is to appreciate art. that statement may sound broad and ambiguous but it is supposed to be. sure, a lot of crap out there gets called "art" that maybe shouldnt be...or should it? diagram A, please look at the painting below and try to take something from it. try and appreciate what it took to make this, what the artist was thinking, or dismiss it as total bunk.

the name of this artwork is simply titled "painting". i am a critical person, so when a painting like this is actually called "painting", i get a little annoyed. however, this particular work was done by Jackson Pollack, who is the most popular abstract painter in the history of the world. so, isnt it worth another look? i think so. in an effort to further my culturedness i have made this my desktop wallpaper until i appreciate it.


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