Thursday, August 31, 2006


an interesting topic to me is the ownership or non-ownership of things. for some reason people are very into this; it is our nature as humans to do so. we are constantly evaluating things. maybe one dislikes chocolate ice cream. maybe it is wearing loafers without socks. maybe it is liking Los Angeles. whatever our likes and dislikes are shape us as a person. we somehow identify with others or other things in an effort to develop our own person.

what is it about owning the obscure or unknown that impresses others? does it impress others? does it make one feel better about oneself? a fine example of the ownership clause of the obscure is when music listeners try and find the next big thing. why do we do this? i cannot deny that i have done this in the past. perhaps for some it is the freshness of originality. perhaps we are just after finding something others have not because it distinguishes ourselves. distinguishment may be the driving force here. in a world where anyone with internet has access to pretty much any piece of information one would ever inquire about, is it possible that we are striving to find the undiscovered? the pilgrims may not have had it all bad. they had an earth that was not yet proven to be round or flat, they had an entire continent that was sparsely inhabited. these days there are no gold rushes, no true colonizations of foreign lands, and nothing for the common man to stake his flag and claim. many of us have this desire, to chase after uniqueness and avoid the mundane. do you? what do you seek that forms part of your identity?


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