Monday, October 09, 2006

Simple Joys

Given that we regularly bring on intensive and heavy commentary on all things pertinent and impertinent in the world here at, I felt it was necessary for a simple joys blog.

1- Great Weather

Part of growing up and living along the Gulf Coast is that you have weather between 90 and 100 F for half the year. Add in a little humidity and minimal wind, and you're looking at close to triple digit heat indeces almost daily. So when we get these little stretches of 85 high/60 low temp days, it is awesome. It was 56 here in Baton Rouge last night. While people in other parts of the world may get this often, it is rare for us and exists only about 4 weeks out of the year. And we love it.

2- Hot Showers

Those who know me know that I love the long shower. While this runs contradictory to my "Save the Earth" mentality, I defend it by the fact that it helps relieve sore muscles, allows me great time to think (no distractions), and of course becoming tremendously clean in the process. In centuries past you would have had to go to the river or well, start a fire, put the water in a pot, and then somehow afix it to the shower mechanism. Between potential scalding and spending 2-3 hours preparing for a 10 minute shower, it would have just never happened. Yet, most of us do it daily. So great.

3- Chocolate Milk/Ice Cream Sandwiches

I must give Tae Park props for this one. I have a tendency to "overthink" my life. I'm convinced that's why Mike created the blog in the first place, he couldn't take too many more of my thoughts involuntarily. The blog at least gives him the option... anyway...

Tae is one of the best people I know, a good Korean man who works as an Engineer, plays a mean game of dominoes, treats his friends with total grace and servitude, and will defend his favorite sports teams to the death. He also loves chocolate milk. He has a ranking system 1-5 of his favorites, but since we are obsessed with the pinnacle of perfection and achievement here at, I will give you only No. 1: Oak Farms Dairy.

The fact that you can go in any gas station and get an ice cream sandwich or chocolate milk is just tremendous. Guaranteed to increase your average daily life happiness by 5 points. (On a scale of 0-100) I think that I average around a 70, as I am still lacking points based on lack of general life direction, procrastination, underachievement, and lack of regular marital sex. So in the scheme of things, 5 points for snacks is pretty impressive.

4- Listening to CD's you haven't listened to in a long time

In brief... I loved the Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College albums when they came out. It was at the peak of my interest in Dave, at the peak of my college experience, at the peak of my desire to play acoustic guitar driven rock. The good news: this album holds up. I don't think I listened to any songs on from these albums for the past 5 years before reacquiring this album a couple of weeks ago. Tremendous.

5- Building stuff out of wood

If you're unhappy at all, buy some wood and build something. I don't know if it is possible to be unhappy when woodworking. The same can be said about wearing overalls and listening to Reggae, as they are automatic glee generators.

In conclusion... need a good day? Wait for good weather, put on some overalls, buy some wood and build something. While building, listen to Bob Marley, drink some Chocolate Milk while taking a break and then have a hot shower. This is what heaven is like for the single man in Baton Rouge in modern day.


At 10/10/2006 03:59:00 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Really enjoyed the blog today - my husband is huge fan of chocolate milk, long hot showers and woodworking! Very affirming blog.


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