Thursday, October 26, 2006

Limbaugh Vs. Stem Cell TV Ads

I, andTim, listen to Rush Limbaugh regularly. I think he's a great voice of reason and logical thought. This aside...

People (The Media and Left-Wing) are pitting him against Michael J. Fox because they make it out to be "Limbaugh has no sympathy for sufferers of Parkinson's disease". This is stupid. Limbaugh merely has no sympathy for someone who would turn the healing of disease into a partisan issue. This is akin to the idea that George Bush WANTS a war in Iraq and does not care about the fortunes of our soldiers-


No one WANTS disease. No one WANTS people to die in warfare. (Possible exception being radical islamic groups) These are not partisan issues. Whether or not we should go to war can be a partisan issue, but EVERYONE wants disease healed. Do not be mislead into thinking that opposing stem-cell research or opposing a Michael J. Fox television ad has ANYTHING to do with lacking the desire to find a cure for the disease. (In this case MJF's Parkinson's disease.)

It is indeed Michael J. Fox's right to present himself in whatever state he likes... but having a disease does not preclude you from or give you an automatic exemption from POLITICAL criticism. He fired a shot from the Longbow of the Left, and Rush merely answered back with a Rocket from the Right.


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