Monday, October 16, 2006

Nike Running Shoes

I am a huge fan of Nike running shoes. Most all of the running shoes I have ever owned have been Nikes and I think they are probably the best shoes ever created by man. Versatility, Comfort, etc. This a picture of my new running shoes, which came with a complimentary Varsity Running T-Shirt. Tremendous. I ran the other day and was just flying in the new shoes. (By my standards- 7:00 min miles)

Maybe it's the Forrest Gump thing in me, but I definitely agree with him that they are probably the best gift you can give anyone. Unfortunately I gave them to myself, but what can you do? I recommend going out and getting a pair of Nike running shoes today.

I am hereby rescinding my support for A-Rod, although I hope he is traded to the Astros. I am hoping that the Aggies continue their winning ways, and as much as it pains me to say this.... I am attending my first LSU football game this weekend. Geaux... tigers. Ugh. Difficult to type.


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