Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what is the answer for Iraq?

i have no idea, and i am pretty sure you don't either. yes, i know President Bush has read our blog at least thrice, but i am guessing he doesn't anymore. things have been rather busy in the White House.

i think more of us common folk should admit our ignorance regarding what we should be doing in Iraq. we do not know. how can we? i am a little beat down by the Left continuing to state (about Bush) that "he started a war based on lies" as if it is fact and not up for debate. i pulled this quote directly from the July 6 entry of Moby's journal. i suppose this statement comes from Bush's claim that Iraq had or potentially had weapons of mass destruction. we went over there and investigated, and we didn't find any. so, does that mean that Bush intentionally started this war knowing that there was no chance of finding WMD? that just does not seem logical to me. call me naive, but isnt it possible that there could be other people involved, possibly even Democrats (no, not Democrats!) who advised Bush of the situation? yes, i know Bush is responsible, but Iraq was avoiding the UN for a decade, moving suspect trailers around, hiding things is a bit suspicious. enough to start a war? not sure. how are some people so sure about this?

i think my position on the war is somewhat irrelevant, since my knowledge of what is going on over there is based strictly on television and articles in magazines. most notably, Rolling Stone, of which i no longer carry my subscription mostly due to the monthly palaver of Tim Dickinson.

the Conservative Right is no better. they seem to stand behind the administration regardless of result. the Karl Rove thing was no big deal, right? what about us never finding these alleged WMD? there are a myriad of controversialities of which the W has been linked. oh no! this is so much different than the last (insert large number here) presidents!

my issue, if i have one, is with our political system. the republicans are gaining too much power. the democrats are weak. the candidates are terrible. i guess this is because most great leaders and good solid people do not want to have anything to do with politics. super duper. last election i just could not believe that the two BEST candidates the United States had were John Kerry and George W Bush. not good America, not good.


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